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So, what is the issue here? Is the issue Islam? Is the issue about eradicating sin? Is the issue about not allowing vice in Malay neighbourhoods? Is Umno outraged that beer is being sold in ‘Malay’ Shah Alam? What is really the issue?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

There is a controversy sweeping Selangor state. Well, actually there are many controversies sweeping the state. But this particular controversy I am talking about involves the matter of the confiscation of beer.

As explained by the EXCO Member in charge of local government, Ronnie Liu, the confiscation was a mistake, an error of judgment of sorts, and the beer was ultimately returned to the owner the same day with an apology attached.

Furthermore, explained Ronnie, you need a licence to sell liquor. But beer does not come under the classification of liquor. So you do not need a licence to sell beer and therefore the government can’t confiscate beer even if the premises that is selling it does not have a liquor licence. This is not the law that Pakatan Rakyat made. This is the law that the Barisan Nasional government made.

But Umno is not about to allow the matter to end there. They want to organise a protest demonstration and they demand that PAS join them in this demonstration as proof that the Islamic party is committed to its Islamic agenda. Basically, Umno wants to pressure the Pakatan Rakyat state government into reversing its policy on ‘allowing’ beer to be sold in Selangor and it wants PAS to unite with Umno in propagating this stand.

The impression being created is that Umno is opposed to beer being sold in Selangor. But only today is it opposed to the sale of beer. For 51 years, when Selangor was under Umno, it was not opposed to the sale of beer. It is only opposed to the sale of beer now that it no longer rules the state.

Hasan Ali, the man behind the secret talks with Umno soon after the 8 March 2008 general election, has of course jumped onto the bandwagon in ‘defence’ of Islam. He wants Selangor to ban the sale of liquor and beer in the state, or at least in Malay-majority neighbourhoods or townships like Shah Alam.

That is all well and fine. I am certainly in support of eradicating immoral activities. And I will support not only Muslims but also Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and whatnot to see this happen.

But this is not what is behind the brouhaha. The issue is not about eradicating vice. It is about trying to embarrass the Pakatan Rakyat state government and in the same process create a rift between PAS and its other partners, DAP and PKR.

First of all, how would we define Malay-majority townships? What percentage of the population would have to be Malay before it is classified as Malay-majority neighbourhoods or townships? Malays make up about 51% of the population of Selangor. So would that particular neighbourhood or township have to have at least a 90% population to be classified as Malay-majority? Or is 70% a more realistic percentage since it would be almost impossible to find a township with a 90% Malay-majority population?


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It’s PAS Versus Umno At Manek Urai, No Independents

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Wong Choon Mei

An intense and emotional campaign is expected to kick off now that the Election Commission has confirmed that the Manek Urai by-election will be a straight fight between Umno and PAS.

About 15,000 supporters thronged the quiet town, creating a festive atmosphere with their kompang beats, loud cheers and also jeers as they accompanied the two main protagonists for the state seat to the nomination centre at SMK Sultan Yahya Petra 1.

Man-of-hour was PAS spiritual adviser and Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat as he led his party’s candidate Mohd Fauzi Abdullah to file in nomination papers.

PAS president Hadi Awang was also present to lend a hand, along with other Pakatan Rakyat leaders including Azmin Ali, Zaid Ibrahim and Tan Seng Giaw.

Umno candidate Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, Rural Development Minister Shafie Apdal, Women Affairs Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and party Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

But despite the presence of top brass from the federal cabinet, Umno supporters were easily outnumbered by at least three to one.

Although seven sets of nominations forms had been sold, only PAS and Umno filed their papers on Monday. But even if Independent candidates had emerged, the by-election would still have been waged primarily between arch foes PAS and Umno.

A PAS stronghold coveted by Najib

For Manek Urai is a core Malay heartland, part of Kelantan’s green belt, and a long-held PAS enclave. The seat fell vacant after its assmblyman Ismail Yaacob died from illness in May.

Both pretenders to his crown – Mohd Fauzi and Tuan Aziz – are local men and well known to the Manek Urai folk.

But despite being a PAS bastion, a heated contest is expected.

Thanks to recent ‘unity’ offers and jibing from Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is also Umno president, all eyes are now on the outcome of the contest.

Najib has been trying to knock together a power pact with PAS, claiming Malay and Muslim unity, although PAS members are disinclined to believe him.

They have counter-accused the PM of trying to weaken their party and thereby their Pakatan Rakyat coalition with PKR and DAP.

As PAS has already publicly and emotionally rejected the high-profile offer, the result will be closely watched as a referendum on Najib and his waning appeal to the Malay community.

Having lost in five of the past six by-elections, the heat will now be even greater on him as he approaches his 100 days in office with little to show that he can snap the Umno-BN’s losing streak.

Not only has he antagonised the non-Malays, his relentless efforts to ‘woo’ PAS which at times appear more like attempts to belittle and ridicule the Islamist party may well have further solidified existing tensions within the Malay community itself.

Emotional and intense campaign expected

According to latest data from the EC, there are 12,293 voters, including 25 postal voters. Of these, 99 percent are Malays, 0.5 percent Chinese and 0.3 percent Indians.

The constituency is also one of the four state seats that make up the Kuala Krai parliamentary constituency. The other three are Mengkebang, Guchil and Dabong,

PAS’ Mohd Fauzi is the Kuala Krai party treasurer. He is an affluent and self-made trader with a thriving wholesale fish business, and already very active in local politics.

At 39 years of age, Tuan Aziz is 11 years younger than his main rival Mohd Fauzi. Tuan Aziz also has a completely different profile although he too is a local boy. A Universiti Teknologi Malaysia graduate, he is the former Kesedar project monitoring division manager.

While voters in rural Malaysia tend to pick Wakil Rakyat or state representatives based on their familiarity with the candidate and his ability to service them, this time, it is likely that they will also vote to make a statement on the recent spate of politicking at national-level.

Chief among these would of course be Najib’s unity talks that sparked an internal quarrel in PAS and the consequent attacks against Nik Aziz, who is revered within his party and throughout the state.

“We don’t think all the voters here fully support PAS and Nik Aziz,” DPM Muhyiddin, who is also Umno deputy president, told reporters after nominations closed.

Still, a main question that Umno will have to contend with will be why the 55-year old Najib has persistently shied away from public debate with the 78-year old religious scholar, despite his showy offers of unity talks with PAS.

As Nik Aziz put it: “I just want to ask two things – why reject Islam and embrace nationalism, and what is wrong with the policy implemented by PAS, especially in Kelantan.”


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GREEN is for the Islamic Party, PAS, whose politics are founded on religion. A dangerous mix indeed. Politics concern the outer world and religion the inner.

Ideally the inner and outer ought to be aligned and in dynamic balance. But who determines the parameters of inner space, the dimensions of belief and faith? A panel of ulamas (spiritual leaders)?

There have been many theocratic nations that have lasted hundreds, even thousands of years. Ancient Egypt flourished for millennia and it was a civilization built around the concept of the Pharaoh as a divine manifestation. Tibet was for centuries essentially a lamacracy ruled by lamas with the Dalai Lama as titular head. Constantine and, later Charlemagne, tried to establish a Holy Roman Empire with Roman Catholicism at its core. Salah ad-Dīn Yusuf ibn Ayyub aka Saladin had the same vision of conquering the world for Islam. America under the Neocons may be said to have been the reincarnation and modern manifestation of a 4,000-year-old dream of a Unified Judeo-Christian World.


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(SIASAH) – Pemuda PAS menyifatkan hasrat untuk mengadakan wacana ilmiah bersama Pemuda Umno merupakan tanda sokongan kepada Mursyidul Am PAS, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yang sebelum ini membuat cabaran kepada Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkenaan isu sesat.

Naib Ketua Pemuda PAS Pusat, Ahmad Sabki Yusof berkata, wacana bertujuan mencari kebenaran atas isu tersebut secara ilmiah.

Beliau juga menegaskan pertemuan dengan pemuda Umno itu tidak dinamakan debat seperti mana istilah digunakan sebelum ini tetapi ditukar kepada wacana ilmiah.

“Ketua Pemuda PAS, Nasrudin Hassan memutuskan untuk tidak menggunakan istilah debat kerana sebelum ini Khairy Jamaluddin telah tiga kali dicabar untuk berdebat. Namun sehingga kini tidak ada sebarang jawaban. Jadi jemputan kali ini dinamakan wacana ilmiah,” kata beliau dalam satu satu sidang media yang diadakan di ibu pejabat PAS hari ini.

Dalam sidang media yang sama Sabky turut memperbetulkan salah lapur yang mendakwa wujudnya dialog kerjasama antara Pemuda PAS dan Pemuda Umno.

Dakwaan itu berikutan rentetan penyerahan surat rasmi kepada Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno, Datuk Razali Ibrahim oleh Nasrudin di lobi parlimen semalam untuk mengadakan Wacana Ilmiah Terbuka yang bertajuk : Benarkah Perjuangan Umno Tidak Bertentangan Dengan Islam.

Tegas Ahmad Sabki lagi, Pemuda PAS akan mengadakan wacana tersebut secara terbuka dan bukannya secara rundingan seperti yang digemburkan oleh setengah media.

Kata beliau sekiranya Pemuda Umno bersetuju, wacana tersebut akan diadakan selepas pilihan raya keci; Manek Urai, kerana dalam masa terdekat ini Pemuda PAS akan memfokuskan untuk membantu kemenangan calon PAS dalam pilihan raya itu.

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Nik Aziz tegaskan perjuangan PAS dan Umno jauh berbeza

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“Saya tegaskan PAS dan Umno tidak serupa, bahkan dalam contoh orang yang sembahyang sendiri pun Allah swt menyediakan sebuah neraka.

nik-aziz32“Mereka sembahyang, tetapi ada yang bersembahyang namun masuk neraka kerana lalai dalam sembahyang. Sesungguhnya orang yang bersembahyang ada (yang masuk) syurga dan (ada yang masuk) neraka, mana serupa,” katanya ketika menggulung perbahasan pada persidangan Dun semalam.

Beliau juga merujuk kelakuan bapa saudara Nabi Muhammad saw ketika Perang Badar.

Katanya, bapa saudara baginda datang kepada Nabi dan bertanya kenapa Nabi enggan menerimanya sedangkan dia membantu orang ramai dengan memberi air kepada orang ketika menunai ibadat haji.

Nabi menjawab bahawa adakah perbuatan itu sama dengan beriman, tentunya tidak sama.

“Dan dalam konteks Umno, mereka tidak ada ‘aamana’ (tidak beriman). Ada Islam sahaja. Mereka menolak Islam, nak dikatakan beriman macam mana.

“Pada zaman Nabi Muhammad saw, seorang sahabat membina masjid, yang disebut Masjid Dhirar. Nabi membina masjid, dia membina masjid juga, tetapi akhirnya masjid itu dibakar. Kenapa dibakar sedangkan itu sama-sama masjid.

“Ini perkara yang tidak ada dalam Umno. Umno menerima Islam tetapi mereka tidak beriman. Iman mesti ada, selain daripada Islam ialah iman,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Penerangan, Pembangunan Maklumat, Sains dan Teknologi Negeri Dr Mohd Fadzli Hassan berkata, manusia tidak boleh menutup perbezaan terutama perbezaan mengenai hukum hakam sebagaimana ditegaskan dalam Surah Al-Hujrat.

“Dan jika kamu terdiri dari golongan beriman, sekiranya berdepan dengan perselisihan faham dan berlaku peperangan di antara kamu, maka langkah pertama ialah mengambil sikap berbaik antara keduanya.

“Tetapi sekiranya masih bertelagah juga maka tempat rujukan untuk mencari penyelesaian dan perdamaian antara keduanya ialah kembali kepada Al-Quran dan Sunnah.

“Dan jika dua puak dari orang-orang yang beriman berperang, maka damaikanlah di antara keduanya,” katanya.

Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kerajaan Tempatan, Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan, Dato’ Takiyuddin Hassan berkata, peruntukan Persekutuan untuk kerajaan negeri atau pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT) tidak disalurkan mengikut sepatutnya.

Menurutnya menjadi persoalan apabila wang yang telah diberikan disalur ke Kelantan melalui Jabatan Pembangunan Persekutuan (JPP).

“Begitu juga setiap projek yang disalurkan ke Kelantan, keputusan pemilihan kontraktor ditentukan kerajaan Persekutuan,” ujarnya.

Mengenai cadangan pembangkang supaya dilantik wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional dalam PBT, kata beliau ia boleh dipertimbangkan.

Bagaimanapun katanya, Menteri Besar Kelantan sejak 1990 sehingga sekarang tidak pernah dilantik menjadi Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Keselamatan Negeri.

“Demikian juga dalam Lembaga Kelantan Selatan (Kesedar), walau pun dalam Akta Kesedar peruntukan dua orang wakil kerajaan negeri mesti dilantik, tapi hanya dilantik Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri sahaja.

“Begitu juga dalam Akta Lembaga Kemajuan Pertanian Kemubu (Kada), dua orang wakil kerajaan negeri mesti menganggotai lembaga pengarah Kada, tapi tak pernah dilantik,” katanya.

Mengenai dakwaan pembangkang pembalakan di negeri ini dilakukan secara tidak terkawal, beliau berkata dakwaan itu sebagai satu penghinaan kepada Jabatan Perhutanan kerana ia tidak berlaku.

“Ini kerana Majlis Perhutanan Negara yang menentukan catuan dan had tebangan dan kayu balak tidak boleh dikeluarkan sewenang-wenangnya,” katanya. – mj _

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PAS Disappointed At Najib’s Refusal To Debate With Nik Aziz

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By Wong Choon Mei

PAS is disappointed that Prime Minister Najib Razak has rejected any public debate with its spiritual adviser Nik Aziz Nik Mat even before receiving an official invitation or considering the merits of the issues, which if raised openly, could benefit the people.

“I am sorry and sad that Umno did not even consider the matter, but had simply shot it down,” Nik Aziz told reporters in Kota Baru on Monday.

The Kelantan Menteri Besar had issued the invitation after Najib and Umno criticised him for rejecting any talks to form a unity government with Umno and the BN coalition.

The Islamic scholar added that the invitation was still with him as his political secretary was overseas and due to return only on Wednesday.

More transparent than closed-door dialogue

Meanwhile, in Kuala Lumpur, PAS vice president Salahuddin Ayub said Umno should not fear debate, which was a better option than dialogue held behind closed doors which was what Najib had proposed.

“I have debated with Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz, and others too have been involved in other debates and they turned out well,” he said.

Salahuddin also said if Najib was afraid of being grilled over certain issues, such as oil and gas royalty owed to Kelantan, then they could still debate on other topics that could benefit the Muslim community, such as religion.

najib22“Perhaps what Nik Aziz wanted was to debate current issues, and one of the latest is oil and gas royalty for Kelantan,” said Salahuddin.

“Even if the debate were to be more on Islamic matters, it should also not be a problem, and both parties would prepare their arguments.

Who’s arrogant?

Meanwhile, another Umno leader has rushed to join the queue defending Najib for turning down the debate challenge.

BN Menteri Besar for Perak Zambry Kadir, who owes his position to Najib, accused his counterpart in Kelantan of arrogance.

“He should not regard himself as so terrific, because sometimes when we feel we are so great, we don’t realise there are others who are better than us,” Zambry told reporters.

“Nik Aziz should be speaking based on religious knowledge and not on his emotions.”

According to Zambry, an open debate would not benefit anyone and may create disunity.

“I don’t think that the prime minister is incapable of debating with Nik Aziz, but I believe Najib is thinking more of the effects on the community,” he added.

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Anwar Slams Umno For Smear-Campaign Against Nik Aziz

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By Wong Choon Mei

anwar35Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has slammed Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Umno-BN for launching a smear campaign against PAS spiritual adviser Nik Aziz Nik Mat after the Kelantan Menteri Besar rejected Umno’s overtures for unity talks.

This shows that they feel threatened by Nik Aziz. I don’t think it is a healthy practise. He is a well-respected figure,” Anwar told reporters on Monday.

Nik Aziz, the senior-most leader in the Islamist party, has been the most vocal critic of Umno.

He even gave his deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa a public scolding recently for not immediately rejecting Najib’s offer to form a unity government with PAS and its Pakatan Rakyat partners.

Because of this, Umno has been targeting the 78-year old religious scholar, accusing him of being the stumbling block to Malay and Islamic unity in the country.

Meanwhile, Pakatan has scoffed at the Umno allegations, counter-accusing the ruling coalition of trying to split not just their alliance but the entire country by fanning racial sentiments.

Top Pakatan leaders including Anwar, Nik Aziz and DAP’s Lim Kit Siang will hold a rally at the MPPJ Stadium in Kelana Jaya, Selangor at 9 pm on Tuesday to reassure voters that they will fight together as a team to bring further reforms to the country.

Afraid to face Nik Aziz in public debate

Anwar also ticked off Umno for unethical politicking by picking on Nik Aziz just to gather support for the Manik Urai by-election due to be polled on July 14.

“Such a smear campaign against Nik Aziz is not necessary but I expect it to increase during the by-election,” said Anwar.

PAS’s Mohd Fauzi Abdullah will face off against Umno’s Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat in Manik Urai, a core Malay heartland and a key referendum on Najib’s acceptability as a leader in his own community.

Indeed, over the weekend Najib’s deputy Muhyiddin Yassin said Nik Aziz should seek forgiveness from God for likening Umno to religious extremists Ayah Pin and the Sky Kingdom.

The DPM was following through on a police report lodged by an Umno Youth leader who alleged that Nik Aziz’s comments were seditious.

“When a Muslim accuses another of not being a Muslim, well, I really don’t know what to say as such an accusation is a very serious offence in Islam,” Muhyiddin was reported as saying in Sunday’s edition of the Star.

Nik Aziz has denied the accusations and has challenged Najib to a public debate if the premier was still resentful and dissatisfied over the unity talks issue.

However, Najib’s supporters have rushed to reject the offer on his behalf.

“The debate will not bring anything. In fact, I believe now is not the time for the government or the prime minister to spend time debating,” said Rais Yatim, Information Minister.

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Abang Uji jadi perhatian masyarakat Manek Urai

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“Saya amat memahami masalah dihadapi remaja sekarang. Saya juga akan menggunakan kesempatan yang ada untuk mendekati mereka bersama menangani masalah sosial,”

KUALA KRAI, 28 Jun (Hrkh) – Selepas diumumkan sebagai calon PAS di Dun Manek Urai kelmarin, Mohd Fauzi Abdullah terus menjadi perhatian masyarakat. Masanya menjadi semakin sendat sekarang

Beliau dan isteri, Aminah Mahmood terpaksa berkejar ke sana ke mari siang dan malam bagi memenuhi jemputan penduduk.

Dan hari ini beliau semakin sibuk. Tengahari tadi menghadiri satu program di Laloh, dan sebelah petang pula bersama masyarakat di Peria.

Sedangkan Umno hanya petang ini mengumumkan pegawai Kesedar, Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat sebagai calon BN bagi menentang Mohd Fauzi yang lebih dikenali sebagai Abang Uji pada 14 Julai ini.

Petang semalam Abang Uji hadir pada program dianjurkan Pasti. Beliau berkesempatan berjumpa dengan ibu bapa pelajar bertempat di Pasti Kampung Manek Urai baru.

Pada majlis itu beliau berpesan kepada ibu bapa supaya sentiasa memantau anak-anak sejak dari kecil lagi memandangkan banyak cabaran yang berlaku sekarang.

“Walau pun anak kita masih kecil seharusnya dijaga sebaik mungkin agar tidak terikut-ikut kerenah remaja masa kini yang semakin tidak terkawal.

“Saya amat memahami masalah dihadapi remaja sekarang. Saya juga akan menggunakan kesempatan yang ada untuk mendekati mereka bersama menangani masalah sosial,” ujar beliau.

Beliau juga menjelaskan kerajaan Kelantan sentiasa mengutamakan kebajikan rakyat antaranya mewujudkan skim Takaful Kifaalah bagi warga emas berusia 60 tahun ke atas.

ImageSelain itu, skim Takaful Armalah untuk ibu tunggal dan sumbangan pendidikan kepada anak-anak yang cemerlang.

Beliau juga yakin penduduk di Manek Urai sentiasa mengikuti perkembangan semasa yang berlaku termasuk di tempat-tempat lain.

Menurutnya, rakyat di seluruh negara masih mempertahankan perjuangan Pakatan Rakyat berdasarkan kepada lima pilihan raya kecil yang diadakan sebelum ini.

Manakala Aminah berkata, beliau sentiasa menyokong perjuangan suaminya bagi merapatkan lagi hubungan dengan penduduk di Manek Urai.

“Saya sangat gembira kerana dapat bergaul mesra dengan penduduk di sini, malah ramai yang saya sudah kenali. Rupa-rupanya ramai anak rakan saya pun belajar di sini,” ujar beliau.

Oleh itu beliau berharap penduduk di Manek Urai memberi kerjasama kepada suaminya bagi meneruskan perjuangan yang ditinggalkan Allahyarham Haji Ismail Yaacob.

Sementara itu Setiausaha Kerja Pasti Kelantan, Mokhtar Ismail berkata, kedatangan calon PAS Dun Manek Urai ke majlis tersebut dapat memberi peluang ibu bapa mengenali lebih rapat Abang Uji.

Selain itu katanya, hari terbuka Pasti di Manek Urai Baru diadakan bagi memberi peluang kepada ibu bapa beramah mesra sesama mereka memandangkan pada hari lain sibuk mencari rezeki.

Program tersebut diisi dengan pemeriksaan kesihatan percuma, ceramah motivasi keluarga, kuiz dan mewarna. – mj _

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Clouds Gather In Kelantan As Umno Lodges Nik Aziz Report

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Indeed, Najib has already publicly encouraged Nasharudin Mat Isa, the PAS deputy president whom he believes is receptive to his lures, to defy Nik Aziz and stage a revolt that could split the Islamist party down the line.

By Wong Choon Mei  [Update 4]

As he created chaos in Perak, Prime Minister Najib Razak is now resorting to all ways and means – particularly the unfair and the foul – to break up PAS in Kelantan, the long-held bastion of the Islamist party.

Unable to accept the rejection dealt out by the Pakatan Rakyat top leadership on Monday, when PKR, DAP and PAS had unanimously voted against forming a unity government with his Umno-BN, Najib is now targeting Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

The senior-most PAS leader has been the leading critic of Umno and the main obstacle in his plot to get the party to form a Malay power pact with Umno.

For the scandal-hit and underperforming PM, this is crucial if he is to survive not just at the federal government but also within Umno, where dissatisfaction with his unfocused leadership is gaining ground.

Indeed, Najib has already publicly encouraged Nasharudin Mat Isa, the PAS deputy president whom he believes is receptive to his lures, to defy Nik Aziz and stage a revolt that could split the Islamist party down the line.

Flashing the Sedition Act

On Thursday, Kelantan Umno Youth lodged a police report against Nik Aziz, who is also the Kelantan Menteri Besar for allegedly inciting hatred, anger and causing chaos amongst the people.

According Anuar Safian, the Youth chief there, Nik Aziz should be charged under the Sedition Act 1948 and the Internal Security Act 1960 for a speech he made on June 21 at Kampung Laloh, Manek Urai.

Anuar claims that the chief minister had attacked Umno by likening the party to the deviationist Ayah Pin and the Sky Kingdom cult and for branding Umno as a communist and a socialist party that was anti-Islam.

The Youth leader backed up his allegations by saying that the speech was also reported in an English daily, Kelantan TV and other publications.

“I want to ask Nik Aziz how many people in Umno have deviated since its involvement in politics for the past 64 years and if we were communists and did not believe in God, just look at what Umno has done for Islam and the Malays all these years,” Anuar told reporters at the Kota Baru police station.

“His attacks is beyond comprehension and it should be investigated as people might believe his words and in the end people would hate Umno that would lead to untoward incidents.”

According to the Umno-owned daily Utusan, this is what the PAS spiritual adviser had allegedly said.

“Umno is a deviant organisation just like Ayah Pin. Umno and the communist are the same. Umno is a socialist party because it rejects Islam. Umno is a Malay party, not an Islamic party,” the Umno-owned Utusan reported Nik Aziz as having said.

Nik Aziz first or Anwar first

Malaysians who feared Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim might be the first casualty of Najib’s dirty-war may well wonder if they got it wrong after all.

Could it be the 78-year old Nik Aziz who will be the first top Pakatan leader to be jailed by the country’s sixth prime minister?

Anwar is already expecting a jail sentence from his sodomy trial due to begin on July 8.

Despite two medical reports – one from the government-run Hospital Kuala Lumpur – that says the complainant was not sodomised, Najib’s administration is insistent on pushing the case through.

The PKR adviser has pleaded not guilty and accused the PM of political persecution, a view shared by the U.S. State Department, which has gone on record to say it believes the charges were trumped up to dent Anwar’s credibility.

“The desperation is there. Najib can’t hide it anymore. It was a political fiasco and a terrible embarrassment to be rejceted. So he will fight on even though by doing so, he will only worsen the situation and literally bury himself in the process. But he won’t stop, just as in Perak, he won’t let go,” said a veteran political watcher.

“You can say it doesn’t make sense and you wouldn’t be wrong. But what it also signifies is that he has the intention to resort to force, to gunfire and emergency rule to stay in power. So popularity is not a necessity.”

There are others who point to the upcoming Manik Urai by-election due for polling on July 14. They believe Anuar was posturing ahead of the contest for the state seat.

Umno has decided to take part after Najib was panned for cowardice for skipping last month’s Penanti by-election. The party is due to name its candidate on Sunday.

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Gesaan Najib Teruskan Bincang Kerajaan Perpaduan Dibidas

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KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 25 — Penasihat DAP Lim Kit Siang membidas gesaan Perdana Menteri Najib Razak kepada PAS supaya menghidupkan semula cadangan pembentukan kerajaan perpaduan, kononnya  demi kepentingan bangsa melayu dan Islam.

Lim menyifatkan gesaan itu bukan sahaja mencerminkan politik sempit tetapi dan mencondong kepada perpaduan satu kaum sahaja.

“Adakah beliau merestui jika perbincangan mengenai perpaduan antara kaum Cina diadakan oleh parti BN dan pihak lain ..begitu juga jika perbincangan yang sama antara kaum India, Iban atau Kadazan? tanya Kit Siang yang juga Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Timor.

Bercakap kepada media di lobi Parlimen, Kit Siang berkata gesaan najib itu membelakangkan slogan 1Malaysia yang dicanangnya sebagai komitment pentadbiran beliau untuk  memupuk perpaduan kalangan pelbagai kaum.

“Kita sepatutnya mengadakan perbincangan perpaduan rakyat Malaysia dan Pakatan Rakyat bersikap terbuka jika mahu diadakan perbincangan bersama bagi semua isu-isu demi kepentingan negara,” tambahnya lagi.

Beliau juga melontar persoalan samada parti-parti komponen BN akan terus menerima konsep 1Malaysia dalam keadaan UMNO begitu cenderung mahu menubuhkan kerajaan perpaduan dengan PAS.

Beliau mencabar pemimpin parti komponen Bn membuat pendirian terbuka dengan kesungguhan UMNO untuk menjalin kerjasama politik dengan PAS atas alasan memelihara kepentingan Melayu.

“Adakah  Ong Tee Keat (Presiden MCA) dan Koh Tsu Koon (Presiden Gerakan) bersetuju bahawa perbincangan perpaduan Melayu tidak bercanggah dengan 1 Malaysia? Mengapa mereka membisu mengenai perkara ini? tanya Kit Siang.

Najib terus memainkan isu kerajaan perpaduan sebagai modal politik untuk meraih sokongan pengundi Melayu yang semakin pudar terhadap UMNO.  PAS telah pun secara rasmi menolak perlawaan itu dan menyatakan komitment penuh untuk memperkasakan Pakatan Rakyat sebagai kerajaan alternatif yang berwibawa bagi menggantikan BN.

Dalam satu kenyataan bersama Isnin lalu, ketiga-tiga pimpinan tertinggi Parti Keadilan Rakyat, PAS dan DAP menolak  cadangan kerajaan perpaduan sebagai  fitnah dan tohmahan jahat serta tindakan terdesak Umno untuk menggugat kekuatan Pakatan yang semakin mendapat dokongan  rakyat.

Kenyataan itu ditandatangani oleh Ketua Umum Keadilan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang dan Penasihat DAP, Lim Kit Siang.

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