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Michael Jackson’s unreleased song his ‘greatest ever work’

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on July 4, 2009


An unreleased song by Michael Jackson in which he plays the piano could rank as his greatest ever work, according to his former record producer.


Fans at a press conference in front of the Staples Center in Los Angeles Photo: AFP

Bruce Swedien revealed the singer had completed a powerful track entitled Don’t Be Messin’ Around.

Featuring what was described as a mesmerising solo performance, it is expected to be available to millions of fans once the terms of Jackson’s estate are settled.

Mr Swedien said of the ballad: “Michael plays piano on it, and it’s just beautiful.” He added: “Oh my God, there’s nothing like it.” The possibility of new Jackson music has been one of the most hotly-debated topics since his death.

It has been reported that hundreds of tracks could be available to fans, including lyrics Jackson wrote during the build-up to his planned European tour.

But there has been no substantiation to the rumours until now.

Swedian added: “There might be one or two songs that didn’t make it from each album. But they’re not finished. There aren’t vocals for everything.”

The producer, who worked alongside Jackson and Quincy Jones on such successful solo albums as Bad, Thriller, Off the Wall and Dangerous, is publishing a book based on his experiences with the singer.

In the Studio with Michael Jackson, published in the US on July 27, is expected to be a bestseller and is the first on the shelves since his death.

It will take an overwhelmingly positive tone towards Jackson, despite the fact he died owing the author half a million dollars.

Swedian told US journalist Roger Friedman: “I don’t say anything bad about Michael in my book; it’s nothing but good stuff.”


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