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Michael Jackson’s unreleased song his ‘greatest ever work’

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An unreleased song by Michael Jackson in which he plays the piano could rank as his greatest ever work, according to his former record producer.


Fans at a press conference in front of the Staples Center in Los Angeles Photo: AFP

Bruce Swedien revealed the singer had completed a powerful track entitled Don’t Be Messin’ Around.

Featuring what was described as a mesmerising solo performance, it is expected to be available to millions of fans once the terms of Jackson’s estate are settled.

Mr Swedien said of the ballad: “Michael plays piano on it, and it’s just beautiful.” He added: “Oh my God, there’s nothing like it.” The possibility of new Jackson music has been one of the most hotly-debated topics since his death.

It has been reported that hundreds of tracks could be available to fans, including lyrics Jackson wrote during the build-up to his planned European tour.

But there has been no substantiation to the rumours until now.

Swedian added: “There might be one or two songs that didn’t make it from each album. But they’re not finished. There aren’t vocals for everything.”

The producer, who worked alongside Jackson and Quincy Jones on such successful solo albums as Bad, Thriller, Off the Wall and Dangerous, is publishing a book based on his experiences with the singer.

In the Studio with Michael Jackson, published in the US on July 27, is expected to be a bestseller and is the first on the shelves since his death.

It will take an overwhelmingly positive tone towards Jackson, despite the fact he died owing the author half a million dollars.

Swedian told US journalist Roger Friedman: “I don’t say anything bad about Michael in my book; it’s nothing but good stuff.”


AR Rahman: Scoring ‘Slumdog’

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(CNN) — He’s the man who helped make “Slumdog Millionaire” an international hit, scoring the soundtrack of the Oscar winning film. Despite his performance at the Oscars ceremony and being caught up in all the glitz and adulation, Rahman is a reluctant star.

Feeling like a millionaire: AR Rahman picked up two Oscars for best original song and best score.

Feeling like a millionaire: AR Rahman picked up two Oscars for best original song and best score.

He’s worked on films since he was a teenager, taking over the role of family breadwinner after his father died and followed in his footsteps as a composer.

While he had stints writing advertising jingles in India, composing for films has been his life’s work so far, yet from his studio in Chennai he admitted to CNN he didn’t want to score films.

“I kept saying next year I’ll quit, next year I’ll quit. And finally because I was sucked into it more and more, now I have the Oscars,” he said.

His Oscar performance and acceptance speech was one of the most memorable at this year’s awards.

Show times

Wednesday, May 20: 13.30 GMT (20.30 Hong Kong)
Thursday, May 21: 04.00 GMT (11.00 Hong Kong)
Saturday, May 23: 05.30, 15.30, 19.30 GMT (12.30, 22.30, 02.30 Hong Kong)
Monday, May 25: 03.00 GMT (10.00 Hong Kong)
Tuesday, May 26: 16.30 GMT (23.30 Hong Kong)

“I thought if I get it I’ll be quiet, if I don’t get it I’ll be quiet, so I was training my mind not to get over-emotional. So when I first got it I didn’t feel it at all, it was like a rehearsal for me. When I finished my performance then I felt at ease and then I became very philosophical as you know, and I chose love over hate and all this stuff,” he told CNN.

Feted by many in media, his hit “Jai ho” was covered by the Pussy Cat Dolls, but the softly spoken Rahman doesn’t find it hard to remain grounded. Rahman runs a music school in Chennai, the KM Music Conservatory that keeps him motivated and reminds him that music has a potency that can transform lives.

“Music can do so many things. I have my foundation, I have my music school. I have people teaching, kids are learning, so I take this as an advantage, the popularity and taking that and putting it into good things, which motivated me to work harder,” he said.


As well as working on more Hindi films, Hollywood beckons, if only for a new experience. There have also been rumors he may score the next James Bond film.

“I have a couple of offers from Hollywood. Pure American movies which I thought for the heck of it let’s do it and a couple of other surprises that you’ll know very soon if it works out. Big surprises I think,” he said.

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By Raja Petra Kamarudin






I made it very clear there would be no negotiations. How can I agree to bribing police officers to get my son off the hook after speaking out against crime, corruption, abuse of power and cover-ups of criminal acts by those who walk in the corridors of power?

I offer no excuses. My wife, Marina, and I have five children, all now grown up. Four have made a life for themselves — two are now married and have blessed us with four grandchildren. One, Raja Azman, left home when he was still in lower secondary school and chose to end all ties with the family. That was about 18 years ago or so. Since he left home, he has been in and out of trouble, the result of living on the streets and sleeping in the back alleys of Kuala Lumpur. Invariably, life on the streets like an urchin turned him into what he is today.

Muslims believe that heaven lies beneath the feet of one’s mother. It is therefore seldom a Muslim mother would bring herself to curse her offspring. Doing so would condemn that child for eternity. That is what Muslims believe. My wife made it very clear to our prodigal son that he turns his back on the family and resorts to a life of crime at his own peril. It does not matter the severity of the crime. Crime is crime whatever it may be, big or small. And is it not the tendency that petty criminals eventually migrate to hardcore crimes? He therefore invites his mother’s curse if he brings shame to the family. That was my wife’s final word on the matter.


Quote about life

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“People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains,
at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers,
at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars,
and yet they pass by themselves without wondering.”

St. Augustine

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It’s time to storm the Bastille

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Malaysian Today

I call upon all Malaysians who wish to uphold the kedaulatan of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia to converge onto Ipoh on 7 May 2009 as a show of support to Nizar Jamaluddin and the Pakatan Rakyat government of Perak.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Kenyataan Media YB V.Sivakumar, Yang Dipertua Dewan Negeri Perak

7 Mei 2009 telah ditetapkan sebagai tarikh Persidangan Dewan Negeri Perak. Perkara ini tidak dirunding dengan saya terlebih dahulu. Saya tidak mengetahui tentang tarikh itu sehingga saya diberitahu oleh ADUN-ADUN yang lain. Notis dikeluarkan oleh Setiausaha Dewan En. Abddullah Antong. Saya telah mengantung tugasnya sebagai setiausaha Dewan Negeri sebelum persidangan ‘bawah pokok’ yang dibuat pada 3 Mac 2009.

Notis yang sama juga telah diberikan kepada saya oleh Setiausaha Dewan. Siapakah yang memberi arahan kepada Setiausaha Dewan untuk mengeluarakan Notis. Arahan itu sepatutnya datang daripada pejabat Speaker. Tetapi, Speaker sendiri tidak tahu tentang tarikh persidangan tersebut. Mungkin sayalah yang terakhir dimaklumkan tentang tarikh persidangan. Bukankah ini satu tindakan yang aneh. Speaker dihina sekali lagi.

Pada protokolnya, Spaeker yang harus memberi arahan kepada Setiausaha Dewan untuk mengeluarkan notis. Tetapi, di sini, speaker pula menerima notis yang sama seperti ADUN-ADUN yang lain.

Adakah ini merupakan usaha-usaha untuk memperkecilkan atau memperbodohkan institusi Speaker? Pada pandangan saya, ini merupakan satu lagi tindakan untuk menghina Speaker Dewan Negeri.

Sanggupkah Pandekar Amin, Speaker Dewan Rakyat berdiam diri jika Setiausaha Dewannya mengeluarkan notis memanggil Dewan Rakyat bersidang tanpa berunding dengannya? Bukankah hak Speaker untuk mengetahui terlebih dahulu segala apa yang berkaitan dengan Dewan. Apa gunanya institusi Speaker apabila semua keputusan dibuat oleh Pihak yang lain. Ini merupakan campurtangan eksekutif yang nyata. Sekali lagi doktrin pengasingan kuasa dicabuli.

Saya akan menulis surat kepada Istana untuk mendapatkan kepastian tentang tarikh persidangan yang ditetapkan. Saya tidak ditunjukkan apa-apa bukti tentang penetapan tarikh persidangan oleh Istana. Oleh yang demikian, tarikh persidangan itu mungkin perlu ditangguhkan sehingga saya mendapat kepastian tentang tarikh tersebut.

Saya juga mengantung tugas En Abdullah Antong sebagai Setiausaha Dewan. Beliau akan digantikan dengan Tuan Haji Misbah sehingga suatu tarikh yang akan diberitahu kelak.

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Quote – Inspirational

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The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better.
— Barbara Pletcher


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Quote On Hope

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What keeps us alive, what allows us to endure?
I think it is the hope of loving,
or being loved.

– Meister Eckhart




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Quote on Love

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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength;

       loving someone deeply gives you courage.

                                 — Lao Tzu

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Quotes On Truth

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 I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.
This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.

Martin Luther King, jr.

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Quotes about Compassion

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Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people.
A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.

Franklin D. Roosevelt:

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