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Jackson seen active in video clip of rehearsal

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on July 3, 2009

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Michael Jackson appeared healthy in a video clip — obtained by CNN — of his rehearsal two nights before he died.

AEG, promoter of Jackson’s planned London shows, released the short video of Jackson rehearsing on a stage in the Staples Center arena on June 23, 2009.

Jackson sang “They Don’t Care About Us” — a song from Jackson’s “HIStory” album — as he danced along with eight male dancers.

The Staples Center will also be the site of Jackson’s memorial service, which is scheduled for Tuesday at the 20,000-seat Los Angeles coliseum, according to a person briefed by a family representative.

No other details have been revealed about the service.

The memorial is set to begin at 10 a.m. PT Tuesday

Jackson did not specify where he wished to be buried in a 2002 will, which was filed in court Wednesday.

More information emerged Thursday about how Jackson’s estate will be shared, which his will estimated in 2002 as being worth $500 million.

The family trust created by Jackson to receive all of his assets includes his mother, his children and a list of charities, according to a person with direct knowledge of the contents of the trust.

Mother Katherine Jackson’s 40 percent share would go to Michael Jackson‘s three children after her death, the source said.

The children — ages 7, 11 and 12 — also will share 40 percent of the estate’s assets, and the remaining 20 percent will benefit charities designated by the executors of the will, the source said.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge will consider who will control the estate and who has guardianship of the children at a hearing Monday.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff decided Wednesday to wait until next week to rule on when the will’s executors should take over control of the late entertainer’s assets, which he temporarily placed under Katherine Jackson’s control.

Monday’s hearing also could give an indication if Debbie Rowe, the singer’s ex-wife who was left out of the will, is considering a challenge for custody of the two oldest Jackson children born to her. Beckloff ordered that Rowe be notified that she could appear.

The will nominated Jackson’s mother, now 79, as the guardian of his children.

If she were to die, “I nominate Diana Ross as guardian,” Jackson said in the will, written on July 7, 2002.

Singer Ross, 65, was a lifelong friend of Jackson’s.MIKE 1

The two men whom the will named as executors include John Branca, who represented Jackson from 1980 until 2006 and was hired again before the singer’s death. He helped acquire Jackson’s music catalog, which is worth millions.

The other is music industry executive John McClain, a longtime Jackson friend who has worked with him and his sister Janet.

DEA reportedly joins investigation

The Drug Enforcement Administration has joined the investigation into Jackson’s death, a federal law enforcement official said Wednesday night.

Two law enforcement officials separately confirmed the DEA probe, saying agents would look at doctors involved with Jackson, their practices and their possible sources of medicine supply.

Neither official wanted to be identified because they could not comment publicly on the matter.

Officially, a DEA spokeswoman referred questions to the Los Angeles Police Department, which would not confirm the involvement.

“We routinely offer assistance to any agency regarding the Federal Controlled Substance Act,” said Sarah Pullen of the DEA. “However, at this time, we have nothing further to comment about the death of Michael Jackson.”

Speculation about the role of drugs has been swirling since Jackson died June 25 at his rented estate in Holmby Hills. The cause of his death, at age 50, was pending toxicology results.

On Wednesday, police released a car belonging to Jackson’s cardiologist, Dr. Conrad Murray. They had impounded the vehicle Friday, saying it might contain evidence — possibly prescription medications.

Police did not say whether they found anything.

Murray’s attorneys issued a statement, asking the public to reserve judgment about the cause of death until the coroner’s tests are complete.

“Based on our agreement with Los Angeles investigators, we are waiting on real information to come from viable sources like the Los Angeles medical examiner’s office about the death of Michael Jackson,” the statement said. “We will not be responding to rumors and innuendo.”

No public showing planned for Neverland

Logistical and financial challenges derailed earlier plans for a public viewing and private memorial atNeverland Ranch.

Planning had been under way for a motorcade to carry Jackson’s body from Los Angeles to the Santa Barbara County ranch, which state and local officials suggested would be difficult and costly.

Law enforcement sources had said a public viewing at the ranch was under consideration for Friday, but a spokesman for the family said that it would not happen.

“Plans are under way regarding a public memorial for Michael Jackson, and we will announce those plans shortly,” said Ken Sunshine, whose public relations firm had been hired by the Jackson family

Despite the announcement, more than two dozen TV satellite trucks lined the narrow two-lane road leading to the ranch.

For a time, the California Highway Patrol closed the road to clear up a small bottleneck of cars created by Jackson fans and the media.

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  1. Denise said, on July 4, 2009 at 3:22 am

    A CNN article entitled JACKSON MEMORIAL TICKETS AVAILABLE THROUGH LOTTERY, written by Alan Duke and Saeed Ahmed, stated that:

    “A minute-and-a-half video clip was released that showed the 50-year-old Jackson in rehearsals two nights before his death — apparently healthy, albeit a step slower than in his prime….”

    What did these two – and all the other freakish commentators – just like them, expect, exactly? To see – at 50 years old, an EXACT REPLICA of a 25/30 year-old Michael Jackson performing?!!?

    Look, fellas: ask your TEENAGE GIRLFRIENDS whether you’ve still …er: “got it!” or are – YOURSELVES, performing “albeit a step slower than in YOUR prime!”

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