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Presley: Jackson knew his fate

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on June 27, 2009


LOS ANGELES, California  — Michael Jackson knew “exactly how his fate would be played out” and feared his death would echo that of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley wrote in an online blog posted Friday morning.

Presley — the daughter of Elvis, the “King of Rock,” and the ex-wife of Jackson, the “King of Pop” — wrote on her MySpace page that she wanted “to say now what I have never said before because I want the truth out there for once.” Her publicist confirmed Presley wrote the blog.

She said her short marriage to Jackson — from May 1994 until January 1996 — “was not ‘a sham’ as is being reported in the press,” but she divorced him because she was “in over my head in trying” to save Jackson “from the inevitable, which is what has just happened.”

Jackson talked with her about his death during “a deep conversation” 14 years ago about “the circumstances of my father’s death.”  “At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, ‘I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did,’ ” Presley wrote.

“I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that.”

That conversation haunted Presley as she watched television coverage of Jackson’s death Thursday, she said.

“I am sitting here watching on the news [as] an ambulance leaves the driveway of his home, the big gates, the crowds outside the gates, the coverage, the crowds outside the hospital, the cause of death and what may have led up to it and the memory of this conversation hit me, as did the unstoppable tears,” she wrote.

“A predicted ending by him, by loved ones and by me, but what I didn’t predict was how much it was going to hurt when it finally happened.”

Elvis Presley collapsed in the bathroom of his Memphis, Tennessee, mansion — Graceland — on August 16, 1977, at the age of 42. While his death was ruled the result of an irregular heartbeat, the autopsy report was sealed amid accusations that abuse of prescription drugs caused the problem.

“As I sit here overwhelmed with sadness, reflection and confusion at what was my biggest failure to date, watching on the news almost play by play the exact scenario I saw happen on August 16, 1977, happening again right now with Michael (A sight I never wanted to see again) just as he predicted, I am truly, truly gutted,” she wrote.

“I wanted to ‘save him’,” she wrote. “I wanted to save him from the inevitable, which is what has just happened.”

“The hardest decision I have ever had to make, which was to walk away and let his fate have him, even though I desperately loved him and tried to stop or reverse it somehow,” Presley wrote.

Their marriage, which some suggested was only to help Jackson’s image, was real, she said.

“It was an unusual relationship, yes, where two unusual people who did not live or know a ‘normal life’ found a connection, perhaps with some suspect timing on his part,” she wrote. “Nonetheless, I do believe he loved me as much as he could love anyone and I loved him very much.”

Presley called Jackson “an incredibly dynamic force and power that was not to be underestimated.”

“When he used it for something good, it was the best and when he used it for something bad, It was really, REALLY bad,” she wrote.

Presley’s blog entry ended with a thank you to those who would read it.

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  1. Debi said, on June 27, 2009 at 10:27 pm

    Who Michael Jackson was as a person; few of us will ever know. Who Michael Jackson was as an entertainer will be celebrated through his documented career. To pretend to know any more than this about Michael Jackson is sad. Those lives who were tangled with his life are the true vision into the soul of Michael Jackson. When Lisa Marie Presley releases a heartbreaking statement, we should listen and not judge. It is as close to the truth as we will ever hear about Michael Jackson. His fans may bulk but the truth should be known. People are complex. And Michael Jackson is no exception. His personal life struggles did not interfere with his artistic greatness. He was an entertainer. Hired to entertain us. Plain and simple. The public has no right to cross the lines between his professional career and his personal life unless that entertainer chooses.

    Michael Jackson, no doubt in my mind, suffered something in his childhood. In his mind, it was enough to victimize him throughout his life. He never grew beyond the abuse; he kept it close to his heart by surrounding himself with damaged friends. Friends who could and would reinforce and enable his insecurities instead of helping him grow and mature into a wonderful, mature individual. Yes, it would be dumb to think MJ wasn’t powerful in his own right, he was. But he maintained the control and surrounded himself with people who thought he walked on water…thought he could do no wrong… MJ should have received counseling; not prescription drugs.

    More importantly, I’d like to see the real issue addressed. Lisa Marie Presley believes in her dispair that she has failed. I believe this event is the reason she was born. Lisa Marie has come full circle with losing Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson in the same exact ugly way. Is it time for Lisa Marie to tackle the issue? Is it her time to shine?

    Why can an individual obtain multiple prescripton drugs without it being tracked? This is not a celebrity problem; it is happening across the United States every day and people are dying.

    • Shaun Deltoro said, on June 28, 2009 at 11:39 am

      If there is one thing this world has to mourn about, its the fact that we have forgotten about our true King. He is not the king of pop, neither was he the king of rock n’roll. He was born in a manger, a man who lived in the most humble and lowly circumstances, a man who “knew not where to lay his head”. A man “who went about doing good.” A man who died for you and me, and the entire race of human beings, not one of whom has been excluded from his great sacrifice. I ask you, who is the King the world has forgotten. Which King is best interested in your own well-being and genuine happiness? Was it Elvis? Was it Michael? Was it any earthly icon who practiced music as part of their life’s legacy? Or was it the babe born in the most humblest of circumstances? Who rightly deserves our praise, our love, our time, our attention, our gratitude?

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