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Need help explaining Swine Flu to kids?

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on June 22, 2009


Kids worried about swine flu? This may help…



As fears of swine flu rise, and it’s confirmed as a global pandemic, children are amongst those most worried about the illness. It’s the little things they catch from the news which worry them, or the headlines in the newspaper (yes, it’s good they can read, but it also opens up a scary world). My daughter went through a few days when catching swine flu was all she could talk about (now it’s the school show; I guess time moves on…)

She also enjoyed a video made by the clever people at BrainPOP UK. They created the above animated clip and it’s well worthy showing to any concerned youngsters.  So far 4,000 people (teachers, kids and parents) have viewed the video on the BrainPOP UK site and almost 3,000 have viewed it via YouTube. Take a look at BrainPOP UK’s own explanation of why they made the video, but basically they wanted to dispel some swine flu rumours (you can’t get it from eating bacon) and help to educate. They also offer some practical advice, in a non-scary way.

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