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PAS won’t become Umno’s hope for 2/3rd majority

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on June 21, 2009


The Umno want to regain its 2/3rd majority and is not really interested in Malay unity, said observers who commented on the recent development in the tug of war between pro and anti-Umno talks in the Party Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS).

While it is clear Malay unity will not pass without Anwar Ibrahim being recognized as a Malay political leader with large Malay support, the PAS is now having a cold shoulder too about helping the Umno survive.

The Umno is facing a tough political battle, being the largest Malay party in the country with the most Parliamentary votes but missing the famous 2/3rd majority that could help it rule with iron fist. It approached the PAS to hand it over the 23 odd seats that the Islamic party holds in the August Parliament and which is sufficient for it to regain its lost 2/3rd majority. But alas, things are not going the right way for the Umno at this very moment.

On Saturday, things became blurry for the Umno in its urgency to get the PAS to abandon the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) alliance. The Secretary General of the PAS Mustafa Ali, said to be in favor of the Umno-PAS deal, said that at this moment, the party is not interested to discuss the unity talks with the Umno.

“I have to state that the PAS is not interested in any talks or in any deals with the Umno at this moment in time. This include the unity talks or future collaboration as a unity government,” he said in a short email to this Saturday morning.

Harakahdaily said the response of the PAS Secretary General was in response to the Deputy Prime Minister’s statement that the PAS must start talks with the Umno immediately on the formation of a Unity Government in Malaysia.


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