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VIEWS : Unity talks: A stab in the back from PAS

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on June 19, 2009



Marion Tharsis |
To me, if it true PAS wants unity with Umno, then PAS’ actions tantamount to an extramarital affair while being in partnership with Pakatan Rakyat. It is a stab behind the back for their partners who helped PAS gain more seats in the last general elections.
PAS has gained more bargaining power with their respective number of seats secured during the last election but is now looking to have the best of both worlds. It is plain hypocrisy if you were to ask me. Where is their dignity and honour?

From reports, it seems that PAS has been pursuing these talks with Umno for some time now even though it abhors and rejects Umno’s style of operations. But the resolutions passed at their recent assembly gives one a lot of jitters and awakens one’s mind to the compounded fears of the past.

If PAS continues along this line and ignores its alliance with PKR and DAP and the consultation  which is paramount in any relationship, then it opens a lot of room for the rakyat to think hard if PAS can indeed be a reliable friend.

This may be a blessing in disguise to know PAS’ true and unchanging character before giving them more support in the future. Pakatan’s strength in March 2008 shook BN and literally caught BN with its pants down bit since then it has dwindled somewhat rather than gained momentum or impetus.

After Perak’s unresolved crisis, the PAS-Umno unity talks seem to be the news of the day with even the prime minister ignoring the fact that PAS is no longer a bachelor.

Umno has all to gain from its ‘marriage’ to a ‘divorced’ PAS who may be willing to change partners if it can gain strong backing and compromises from Umno with regards to its (PAS) hardened stand on religion.

The move could also well serve as a lifeline for Umno at this time when Umno’s reputation is at its lowest ebb.

It is also not surprising for the Umno honchos to be tightlipped about PAS’ hardline stand on the status of NGO Sisters in Islam. Such a move is seen as not to disrupt or jeopardise Umno’s overtures to PAS.

On the other hand, PAS may be just be looking at the proposal from Umno without any commitment or direct approach on this matter. However, contradictory statements from the PAS camp gives a lot of wrong impressions and perceptions as to what is really happening.

If PAS claims all this is ‘karut’, then they should make their stand known very clearly as a party – not as individuals giving their own versions to cause confusion.

If PAS is committed to the Pakatan vision, then it should show its solidarity and support for this cause and make it explicitly known that they will stand united with Pakatan.


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  1. Orang Sabah said, on June 19, 2009 at 8:26 am

    Well said. Pas is like a baby trying to walk before it can sit. Maybe some of those supportive of this marriage proposal are dying to be a “half term” Mentri.

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