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MIC Youth wants envoy sent home

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on May 29, 2009


The MIC Youth wing is disappointed with Sri Lankan High Commissioner DD Ranasinghe for not apologising over his ‘jokers’ remark and is now planning its next course of action.

The movement’s advisor S Vell Paari said that he would be writing to the Foreign Ministry on Monday asking for the high commissioner’s diplomatic immunity to be revoked.

“We want him to be stripped of his immunity and made a persona non grata for insulting Malaysians who were performing their democratic rights.

“Under the Vienna Convention, his acts can be deemed as getting involved in the internal affairs of this state.

“Adding to that he had also made a very undiplomatic remark about the citizens of this country,” Vell Paari told Malaysiakini today.

sri lanka interview 26052009 high commissioner dd ranasinghe 02Ranasinghe had come under fire from various quarters after he had labelled the anti-Sri Lankan protesters who had gathered at Batu Caves last Sunday as “jokers”.

He had said this when he was asked if his government would take the protesters’ concerns into consideration.

“It doesn’t matter to us. We won’t take any action. Why should we? They are jokers,” he told Malaysiakini on Wednesday.

He was referring to the gathering organised by the World Tamil Relief and the Coalition of NGOs movements and attended by many prominent local politicians and some 5,000 people.

At the rally, the people had voiced out their anger over humanitarian crisis affecting the innocent civilians in Sri Lanka as a result of the war between the government and LTTE.

Envoy denied making the remark

The envoy’s remark drew criticism from many people, including the rally organisers and participants.

vell paari vellpaariVell Paari had also issued a 48-hour deadline to Ranasinghe to apologise over his remark. The dealine expires at midnight today.

However with the deadline looming, Ranasinghe has instead denied making that remark.

In a statement issued to Tamil dailies yesterday, the envoy had said that he was misquoted by Malaysiakini.

Vell Paari meanwhile was not relenting in wanting the envoy to apologise.

“He might be thinking that he can treat the Tamils here just like how his government has been treating the Tamils there.

“But we will show him that we are smarter than he thinks. We will act intelligently to make him realise that he was wrong in undermining us,” he said.


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