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‘Bribing Aminah’: MACC quiz PKR duo

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on May 28, 2009


The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has recorded statements from two Penang PKR  leaders who were alleged to have offered bribe to local party women leader Aminah Abdullah in a bid to coax her into withdrawing from the Penanti by-election.


cheah kah peng lim eng nam rebutal on aminah abdullah allegation penanti by election pc 260509 03When contacted, PKR Batu Kawan division deputy chief Peter Lim and supreme council member Cheah Kah Peng confirmed that their statements were recorded at the Penang MACC office yesterday at 10am and 4pm respectively.

It is understood that MACC has also called another person for questioning, but no details on his identity was available.

Lim, who is an aide to Penang state exco Law Choo Kiang, said MACC officers had quizzed him for four hours.

He added that the commission had asked him to help the investigation as a witness under Section 30(3)(B) of the MACC Act.

However, he refused to elaborate on the issue, saying that it was “normal procedure.”

“I merely repeated to the MACC officers what I explained in the press conference that day,” he said.

Meanwhile, Cheah said he was quizzed for two hours, without the presence of a lawyer.

“The MACC officers mainly asked me about the chronological details, including the time and location of the meeting and my relationship with Aminah,” he said.

He also revealed that the officers asked him if he had acted on the instructions of any quarters, which he denied.

‘Hotel incident’

aminah abdullah election commission penanti by election 260509 04Aminah, the former Penang PKR Wanita chief, had spiced up the otherwise dull electoral battle with the graft allegation on Monday.

She alleged that the two PKR leaders offered her RM80,000 and the president’s post in any of the two Penang municipal councils if she withdrew from the contest.

Alternately, Aminah said she was offered the Penang deputy chief minister 1 post should she win the by-election and rejoin the party.

She had lodged a report with the MACC on Monday and also with the Election Commission.

However, Cheah and Lim claimed that they fell into Aminah’s trap as she had invited them to lunch at her house in Jelutong.

They claimed that their conversation, which was recorded without their knowledge by Aminah and her family members, was a mere chat among friends done in a cordial and jovial atmosphere.

Yesterday, Aminah also threatened to reveal a secret about the state party leadership concerning an ‘unsavoury incident’ at a hotel in Nibong Tebal some two years ago yesterday.

She challenged PKR Penang chief Zahrain Mohamed Hashim to disclose his involvement in the incident.

Aminah also claimed that she has received threatening phone calls after she made the bribery accusation.

The Election Commission has said they would study the audio recording received from Aminah and cooperate with the MACC in the probe.

“If the PKR candidate (Mansor Othman) is involved, we can disqualify his victory if he wins the by-election,” EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof told journalists yesterday.

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