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From time to time we hear stories about the Malaysian judiciary that make the prostitutes operating in Jalan Alor look like Mother Teresa by comparison. (I mean I heard lah people say that they operate in Jalan Alor).


Raja Petra Kamarudin

However, I’m rather interested in asking him to reply me. If the trial is held in KL, would he appear, since it’s not part of Selangor?

But of course not, there’s the ISA threat there.

So you know what I’m going to do for you, RPK?

I’ll write to the Home Minister to address that fear. Perhaps a guarantee from him and the IGP should be well enough for you to show up?

And since we want to see justice served, perhaps the Bar Council should step up as well, be proactive for once.

Also, why not ask the prosecutor to transfer the case to KL anyways, since you’re apparently “self exiled” from the state of Selangor.

With these conditions met, how now, RPK?

Posted by: Hafidz Baharom


Last year, in a press conference in the lobby of the courts in Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur, lawyer Muhammad Shafee Bin Abdullah (in English that translates to ‘Praiseworthy Broker the Son of the Servant of Allah’ — but don’t for one minute you believe that utter bullshit) told about 20 or 30 journalists that he wants to meet me in court. To make sure I agree to go to court, he said he would allow me to choose the judge I would like. And if I do not have money to pay the legal fees he would be very happy to help cover the cost on my behalf.

Shafee Abdullah (left) and his client Razak Baginda

Anyone who did not know Shafee better would probably think he was just bragging even though he does have a name Praiseworthy Broker. Note that, according to his name, he is not the servant of Allah but the son of the servant of Allah. He, personally, is the Praiseworthy Broker and any praiseworthy broker worth his brokerage fees must certainly be able to indulge in the widely rumoured and long-standing problem of judge fixing in the Malaysian courts.

VK Linggam and Chief Justice Eusoff Chin on an overseas holiday together

If I remember right, the Linggamtape scandal was also about judge fixing. However, they first had to fix who gets elevated and promoted before they can get these judges to fix cases. It is said by those who walk in the corridors of the palace of injustice, if you want to fix a civil case then go to Linggam and if it is a criminal case you go to Shafee. But be prepared to pay through your backside because that would probably be what you will need to sell to afford the exorbitant fees.

Back in 1998 or thereabouts, a ‘poison pen letter’ — purportedly written by a judge named Syed Aidid — made its rounds in Malaysia. In this very lengthy letter, the author identified all those judges who were on the take and what their fetishes were. Power, money and sex, but not necessarily in that order, were of course the common denominator for all. Syed Aidid’s letter would have been shorter, maybe half a page or so instead of the 40 pages, if he had listed down all those judges who were clean and pure.

From time to time we hear stories about the Malaysian judiciary that make the prostitutes operating in Jalan Alor look like Mother Teresa by comparison. (I mean I heard lah people say that they operate in Jalan Alor). Sometimes we really just can’t believe that all this could be true and that they must be exaggerating a wee bit — that is, until you end up in court and discover not only is it true but actually worse than what they say.

Hafidz Baharom who has offered to help fix my judges

And read what Hafidz Baharom said in his Blog posting above. Yes, that’s right, he can help arrange to transfer my many cases to the court of my choice. Hey, who the hell is he? I mean, if it were Slime-ball Number One, Praiseworthy Broker the Son of the Servant of Allah, I would quite understand. After all they don’t call him Slime-ball Number One for nothing and his father did name him Praiseworthy Broker. But for a so unimportant and extremely insignificant fellow like Hafidz, who is way low down the food chain, to be able to offer to fix the judges on my behalf, it appears like this problem is even worse than we initially thought.

I rest my case. And if you still have doubts about the sorry state of the Malaysian judiciary then maybe I can interest you in some swampland that you should invest all your life savings in without further delay.


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