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Anwar shames Najib, Umno-BN for being scaredy-cats

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on May 19, 2009


scaredycats1By Wong Choon Mei

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim does not discount the possibility that Prime Minister Najib Razak may once again dip into his bag of dirty tricks and sponsor Independent candidates to run at the Penanti by-election.

According to the reform icon, Najib’s express purpose would be to roil the Pakatan Rakyat, while at the same time, shielding himself and his Umno party from the political consequences of what would surely be another  thumping and embarrassing loss in the Malay heartland.

“This has yet to be ascertained, but whatever it is Pakatan will continue working hard to face the elections,” Anwar told reporters.

He had earlier delivered a ceramah to a crowd of more than 5,000 people at Taman Medan in the run-up to the May 31 polling date. The state seat fell vacant after PKR leader Fairus Khairuddin resigned amid controversy and harassment from his political foes.

Umno-BN on the run

Anwar also slammed Najib for trying to mislead the public with false reasons why the Umno-BN had chosen to skip the by-election.

The PM had said: “The vacancy is also because of a political game by the opposition. BN’s focus is on serving the people and reviving the nation’s economy. Thus, we decided not to field a candidate.”

However, said Anwar: “This is a trick because the party always claims to be strong and relevant. In whatever circumstances, if there is a vacancy, Pakatan Rakyat will leave it to the people to decide,” he said.

“Penanti is a seventy percent Malay constituency. For the BN to decline to contest in an area where in the past they would not bat an eyelid to contest is proof that, right now, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

“No matter how the BN dresses up this decision not to contest, the reality cannot be evaded that they are on the run – not just in Perak, but also in the semi-rural areas such as Penanti in Penang.”

Pakatan will field former USM lecturer Mansor Othman. Nomination is on Saturday, May 23. All eyes will on two Independent candidates who have expressed their wishes to contest.

One of them is the 56-year old former Penang PKR Wanita chief Aminah Abdullah.

Another is Mohd Saberi Othman, 49, a businessman and ex-military serviceman. “I am from Kubang Semang and am a resident of Penanti. I want to provide services to the people,” he said.

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