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Unclear signals from police if Uthaya will be re-arrested

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on May 18, 2009


By SK English News

Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan said there was no arrest order out on Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar, but did not clarify if one would be issued if Uthaya did not attend a review of his release at the Kamunting Detention Centre on Tuesday.

“To say we are going to arrest him is very misleading and it only creates unnecessary problem or tension among the people especially among his supporters,’’ Musa said.

According to the IGP, the Indian leader was only required to be present to face the centre’s advisory panel that meets every six months. The panel comes under the direct purview of the Prime Minister’s department.

Uthaya has said he will not attend. He also refused to sign a release letter, which contained several conditions including a prohibition on giving speeches in public.

The 47-year old lawyer was among five leaders of the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force, who were detained under the Internal Security Act in December 2007 for organising a mammoth rally to protest the plight of their marginalized community.

Two were released in early April as a gesture of goodwill by Prime Minister Najib Razak when he took office on April 3. Uthaya was the last to leave together with two others – Kota Alam Shah MP M Manoharan and T Vasanthakumar.

His release on May 9 was unexpected and widely perceived as a ruse by Najib to mitigate the unpopularity incurred by his Umno-BN coalition following a controversial assembly sitting in Perak on May 7.

Meanwhile, Deputy IGP Ismail Omar warned that action would be taken if Hindraf organises a mass rally next month. He also said the police would take necessary action if Uthayakumar refuses to attend Tuesday’s review at Kamunting.

“For us, the gathering must have police permit. If not, it will be an illegal gathering and we will take action,” Ismail told reporters at a separate function earlier in the day.

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