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BN bleeds as young leaders are sacked

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on May 18, 2009


T Murugiah’s expulsion from the People’ Progressive Party (PPP) marks the exit of yet another promising leader from the Barisan Nasional coalition, according to a leader of a component party.
gerakan agm ndc 111008 huan cheng guanGerakan vice-president Huan Cheng Guan warned that, if this continues, the coalition will be deprived of competent commanders and foot soldiers for the political battles ahead.

“If this trend is left unchecked, it will undermine and handicap BN’s efforts to build an echelon of vibrant, progressive and dynamic leaders,” Huan told Malaysiakini.

“In the eyes of ordinary Malaysians, the sacking of a young vibrant and committed leader like Murugiah (will be seen as) BN (continuing to take a) hardline political (stance).

“We are losing our young comrades one by one due to certain uncompromising entrenched component leaders. Sooner than later BN will just be left with only generals and no soldiers to take on future political battles.”

t murugiah and ppp peoples progressive partyMurugiah (right) – also deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department – and six PPP grasssroots leaders were sacked on Saturday by the party’s supreme council.

The six are Selayang division chief K Tanggaraju, PPP Youth exco chief S Kanesan, S Saravanan, Jeyaratnam Manium and former supreme council members R Rajandran and NA Shanmuganathan.

They are all close allies of Murugiah, who was also PPP supreme council member and the former national Youth leader.

‘No space for young leaders’

Huan warned that the expulsions will put both PPP and BN in a bad light, drawing similarities with the situation of former MIC national Youth chief SA Vigneswaran.

sa vigneswaranVigneswaran (left) quit the party last June, after falling out of favour with party president Samy Vellu.

Murugiah has been linked with the ouster of M Kayveas as PPP president, although he has not commented on this.

Huan further expressed dismay that “ageing and unmarketable” leaders are still ruling the roost in BN component parties, refusing to provide space for younger leaders to develop their skills.

“We soldiers and gurkhas are the ones who go to the ground to face our opponents without fail. We have worked and toiled together in many battles before.

“If we keep getting rid of our pro-active young leaders – those who have managed to capture the imagination of people in these challenging times – then BN will lose out eventually.”

najib tun razak 03He called on BN chairperson and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to intervene swiftly, bearing in mind that several component leaders are no longer politically saleable and have become liability to the coalition.

“Hearing their names, let alone seeing them in person, immediately puts off the people. It’s time for Najib to intervene,” Huan added.

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