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Anifah takes Perak, Najib and Altantuya to Washington!

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on May 16, 2009


By Wong Choon Mei

At a joint press conference with Malaysian Foreign Minister on Thursday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed that at an earlier closed-door meeting, the US had  “raised rule of law issues and the larger questions concerning the institutional reforms that Malaysia has been pursuing.”

Her comments, while brief and in classic diplomatic language, spoke volumes.

Feeling the heat, Anifah rushed into defence mode with a garrulous and out-of-focus reply.  Somehow, he managed to drag Prime Minister Najib Razak into the quagmire along with his alleged mistress “the Mongolian citizen”.

Anifah also tried to back-stab Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, saying that he was “personally offered to jump into the oppositions and offered a very lucrative position, and also to be told it’s like a deputy prime minister.”

Bending the truth, the Malaysian minister defended the Umno-BN’s abuse of the courts to support its political agenda.

“You know, we have utmost faith in our judicial system. And recently, as late as a few days ago, the court has declared that the chief minister of a particular state which comes from the opposition as election of a chief minister which is a rulings against the government,” he said.

With that, Anifah took Perak to Washington!

What he left behind though was the part about what happened the very next day after the court ruled in favour of Anwar’s Pakatan Rakyat.

Somehow it slipped the minister’s memory that another court – this time under Court of Appeal judge Ramly Mohd Ali –  made a record, super-quick decision that granted Umno a stay of execution.

This latter ruling, which reeked of bias and disrespect for procedure, was slammed left, right and centre by the local legal fraternity!

The difference in style and substance between the two chiefs of foreign affairs could not be more different.



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