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Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim today challenged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on May 14, 2009


Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim today challenged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to hold a snap elections in Perak to solve the political crisis in the state.
“I want to ask why he is afraid of holding an elections?” he told the some 3,000 people who packed the Civic Centre Hall in Petaling Jaya tonight.

anwar ibrahim nizar jamaluddin lim kit siang perak ceramah in pj 130509 02Anwar’s question riled up the supporters, who responded with a deafening ‘Najib salah’ (Najib is wrong). The premier is credited with masterminding the political coup in Perak.

The opposition leader also stressed that it is the right of the people to decide on who should rule their state.

“It has been three months (since the Barisan Nasional takeover), but we still do not know who is the Perak leader.

“We endorsed (Mohammad) Nizar (Jamaluddin as MB) and Umno endorsed Zambry (Abd Kadir).

“It is not for the court of law or the palace to decide who should be MB, this should be decided by the people’s court,” he said to resounding cheers.

He also described Nizar as the new ‘Bendahara Tun Perak’.

Anwar had arrived together with Nizar and DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang at about 8.30pm for the forum on the May 13, 1969 racial riots.

The trio were greeted by a thunderous applause from the crowd, which spilled over onto the road below while others were contented with even sitting on the floor.

Anwar said the government had coined numerous slogans such as ‘Islam Hadhari’ and ‘1Malaysia’ but there were no policy changes.

“Malaysia does not need new slogans but rather new policies and programmes for all its people,” he said.

He added that these policies must consider the interest of all races including the poor and marginalised.

‘Bye-bye racism’

Meanwhile, Nizar said the BN conspiracy – which saw ‘millions being offered’ to opposition assemblypersons – began immediately after Pakatan won the state in the last elections.

anwar ibrahim nizar jamaluddin lim kit siang perak ceramah in pj 130509 01“There were two men and one woman who jumped (to BN),” he said, to a loud ‘boo’ from the crowd, in reference to the three Pakatan reps whose defection caused the downfall of the state government.

On the May 13 racial riots, which is the topic of tonight’s event, the PAS leader said communal politics was a legacy of the colonial masters, which is now continued by Umno.

Nizar ended his speech with the words “bye-bye perkauman (racism)”.

Lim on the other hand described May 7 (the chaotic Perak state assembly sitting) as a ‘day of infamy’ and described it the new May 13.

He said that day saw Pakatan’s ousted speaker V Sivakumar dragged out of the assembly and TV stations barred from airing the footage.

“There is no May 13, but there is the embarrassing May 7,” he said.

Lim was also puzzled over the expeditious manner in which the Court of Appeal had granted a stay of execution order with regards to the High Court’s decision to declare Nizar as the rightful menteri besar.

The veteran politician took a swipe at Zambry, calling him “3 in 1 – Mandela, Gandhi and Zambry.”

The forum called ‘From May 13 to 1Malaysia: The Future of Nation Building’ was organised by the office of the Kampung Tunku assemblyperson Lau Weng San.

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