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From The Might of the Pen Website

HINDRAF was declared illegal in October 2008 without any sound reasoning or logic on the part of the government. HINDRAF itself is a movement of the people and how can you make the people illegal when they are a part of the society.

Hishammuddin Husein said for the time being, the (illegal) status remained, “If they want us to reconsider the status they have to make an appeal. When they do make the appeal, I will reconsider the status,” he told reporters after visiting the National Registration Department, here today.

HINDIA-MALAYSIA/INDRAF is a movement of the people that addresses the grievances of the public against the systematic discrimination, marginalization and oppression of a particular segment of the society. The decision made by the government to declare it illegal is unsubstantiated and biased to serve their own interest as oppose to the interest of the public.

It is the duty and responsibility of the government that serves all segment of the society to uplift the ban in order for HINDRAF to move ahead in voicing the genuine concerns to be addressed and tackled for the benefit of the nation. HINDRAF does not see any reason that it has to appeal on this.

HINDRAF is a cause for just and fair play for the progress of the nation, not one that is bridged on personal gains or motives as the ambience and circumstances warrants it.

P. Waytha Moorthy HINDRAF – Chairman

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