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Views : Man, you are treated worse than a dog!

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on May 12, 2009

From Malaysia Today


I totally agreed with Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar’s conviction that he would not thank the government for releasing him. The reason was simply that he should not be detained in the first place!

Well, should you thank the thief for returning your money? Of course not! That’s your money, and it should not be stolen from you in the first place!

Another example but more bizarre. Should you thank the rapist for releasing you after raping you? You got to be kidding me! Your right to protect your body and your mind has been snatched away from you. Someone who has been assaulted physically and mentally has the full right to sue the one who conducted such crime!  

Unfortunately, what our fellow Malaysians experience today is no better than the above two disasters. Firstly, our money is being stolen for various projects allegedly meant to support cronyism and nepotism! Secondly, our right to protect our physical and mental conditions has been taken away by the police-government!

Think on those who have been detained for the wrong reasons. They have wasted 500 days or even longer of their life in a place where they should not have been locked up! They have lost their careers! They have been forced to sacrifice the valuable moments of celebrations with their loved ones!

Imagine if you are one of them. How would you feel, being arrested if what you did was simply speaking out for the underprivileged ones who were ignored by the government which was supposed to equally treat the citizens regardless of race? In other words, the one in power locked you up just because you talked too much!

And now, you are okay to go but with conditions such as: you can’t step foot in a certain place, like Seremban; you can’t talk to the public for a year; you can’t be interviewed by the media; you can’t leave your home; you can’t attend any gathering! And lastly, you have to report to the police every now and then!

Absolutely ridiculous! Man, you are treated worse than a dog! A dog can still go to the park with its master; a dog can still bark at strangers; a dog can still pee here and there. But for you, it’s a no-no. You have to stay at home and keep quiet!

A “wonderful” government who came out with all these incomprehensible conditions for releasing her innocent tax-payers! 

To all the Dato, YB, etc., please treat others the way you want to be treated!

For goodness sake, please offer your apologies to those whom you have faultily detained. Each and every one of them should be compensated considerably based on what they have suffered. And I urge you to please spend some time going through The Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations in which Malaysia is a part of since 1957.

Here are some articles listed under the declaration just for your reference:

Article 5: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. 

Article 8: Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law. 

Article 9: No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile. 

Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. 

Article 20: Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. 


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