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UMNO’s 2nd coup in Perak!

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on May 12, 2009

Susan Loone’s blog

[Read also notes on grounds of judgement on the Perak case].

Stubborn UMNO/Zambry Kadir thinks he is still the chief minister. Of course, because UMNO has now gone for round 2.

Court of Appeal grants him stay, FRUs are deployed outside the State Secretariat, probably to drive out thePakatan Rakyat excos.

Are things getting worse? Is this necessary?

Perak Monarchy is ‘embarassed’. Huh? Is that all can be said after 3 months of shame and embarassment at how we conduct our so-called democracy?

High court decided chief minister Nizar Jamaluddin says the only thing that can resolve the impasse in Perak is a dissolution of the state assembly.

Rightly so.

Says Anwar Ibrahim, in an email message:

“After the dark and sinister events that transpired on 7th May in Perak the restoration of justice and of the principles of democracy is long overdue. For three months the people of Perak have endured the unprecedented abuse of power by the BN while the institutions of the state, the police and the mainstream media have conspired to confer legitimacy upon the sham BN administration”.

“We reiterate our call for the Assembly to be dissolved immediately and for the people of Perak to renew their mandate for their government at the ballot-box”.

Yesterday I cried: Yahoo! After receiving an sms on the High Court decision.
I was checking the news, but neither Malaysiakini nor Malaysian Insider updated their news yet. Frustrating! Then it came: Zambry Kadir has to vacate seat!

According to the judge, Nizar has never faced a no-confidence vote in the state assembly.
In fact I got the feeling in morning when I read the news.
I could not believe that Najib Razak was so kind to offer help to Pakatan Rakyat to resolve the crisis in Perak.
Hah! Too late isn’t it?
Wong Chin Huat’s detention for wearing black it seems, is worthwhile.
69 arrests of civilians and 5 lawyers came to something.

So, what happens next?
Will Nizar call for fresh elections?
Will BN now pressure for elections?

Nizar, it seems, is on his way to see the Sultan now.
Will Najib apologise for what happened in Perak?
Sheesh, so many questions.


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