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EC want police to enforce 5000 supporters limit on nomination day-license for use of force?

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on May 3, 2009


EC’s vice-chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar spelled out the EC’s decision on the arrangement for nomination day: only 5000 supporters are allowed to attend the nomination day rally; the police will be left with the task to enforce this `instruction’ as the EC goes ahead of this `instruction’ despite acknoweledment that there is no law providing for it! This contrast with the EC’s position on MAFREL’s suggestion to extend the nomination period so that the party supporters can hold separate rallies without causing any tension, where the EC said they can’t enforce this suggestion due to a lack of law!

Similarly the EC had said the lack of law also stopped them from enforcing the indelible ink proposal which EC said it welcomed before 12th General Election.

Such inconsistencies on the part of the EC is certain to feed into the persistent perception that the EC lack impartiality in discharging its constitutional function. But the EC’s willingness to enforce what it sees as helpful to secure improvement for the electiosn shows that they could actually make the right interventions if they want to discharge their constitutional duty to run free and fair elections. But why are they not doing it-and only interven where there seems to be a coincidence of interests with the ruling party?

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