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Fairus had to quit to avoid repeat of Perak incident

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on April 30, 2009



I refer to the letter For Anwar, Fairus betrayed Penanti voters.

I believe the writer is a BN supporter trying to distort facts.

The reason why PKR decided to take such evasive action is because they had learned a bitter lesson when two Pakatan Rakyat assembly persons in Perak were hit by a sting operation created by BN and they subsequently charged with corruption by the then ACA.

Using the corruption charges, the two were then blackmailed into jumping ship across to BN causing the Perak Pakatan government to fall.

You will notice that since these two ‘frogs’ joined BN, their corruption case has been in like some kind of suspended animation and I don’t think they will be charged at all unless they cause trouble for the BN government in Perak.

The same could have happened to Fairus Khairuddin if he had not resigned from his seat.

They would have charged him on some trumped up charges and blackmailed him to jump ship, thereby weakening Pakatan’s government in Penang.

Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan were merely taking preventive measures to avoid another episode like the one that happened in Perak.

After Fairus quit, the MACC then came out with a statement that there was nothing concrete to charge Fairus with in relation to the quarry affair.

If he had not quit, it is anyone’s guess if the charge would have been dropped at all.

PKR should give Mansor Othman’s senate seat to Fairus since he has now been cleared by the MACC and he did the noble thing of resigning and is still faithful to PKR despite all the dirt thrown at him.

As for comparing Elizabeth Wong’s case with Fairus’ the writer is merely harping on what BN and Mohd Khir Toyo have been harping about – that she is guilty of misconduct as an elected representative.

If somebody peeped into you bathroom and took photos of you bathing and circulated it on the Internet for political reasons, is it the fault of the person in the photo or the person who distributed the photos.

BN people seem to have a warped sense of justice. We are all wondering why the police who know where the culprit is have not extradited him back to Malaysia to face charges.


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