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‘Doesn’t Bangsa Malaysia include Indians?’

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on April 27, 2009


On PKR, DAP ignoring critical Indian problems

Kenny Gan: First of all, the writer should discard his mentality that there are unique Indian problems which other races do not face.

In his long letter, he has not mentioned any such problem which he asserts are unique to Indians.

His example of the death of Kugan in police custody is severely flawed. If he would care to do some research, he will find that death in police custody happens to all races.

Manikumar is right to say that he serves Bangsa Malaysia as he could only have been elected with the support of all races. Doesn’t Bangsa Malaysia include Indians?

I fail to understand the writer’s gripe about politicians serving all races instead of specifically the Indians.

The type of politics that the writer espouses belong to MIC, MCA or Umno, not DAP or PKR who have an avowed multi-racial platform.

This is the new politics of multi-racial parties which fight for all races instead of race- based parties fighting for its own race.

On ‘Thanenthiran free to form own political party’

Political Observer: Thanenthiran should harbour no illusion that any political party he forms by hitching on to the Hindraf movement can be successful as an independent party in Malaysia.

As Indians only constitute 8% of the population and there are no Indian majority seats, a political party which appeals only to Indians has scant chance of getting any of its candidates elected.

An independent Indian-based political party will exist in political limbo just like IPF or Muip. It can only survive by joining a multi-racial coalition to gain some multi-racial support.

However, Pakatan Rakyat which campaigns on a platform of racial inclusiveness has no use for a race-based party which only fights for Indian rights.

Hence it is probable that Thanenthiran’s party will be pro-BN and hunker to join BN just like IPF and MUIP. It is also the only way he can get his party registered.

By hijacking the Hindraf brand name, Thanenthiran hopes to get a kick-start for his political party.

It appears that one man’s political ambition will soon spell the death of the Hindraf movement.

On PKR Youth members, Hindraf supporters defect to MIC

AM: These disgruntled members who defected claim that PKR has done nothing for the Indians.

To begin with, PKR only gained a proper momentum after last year’s general elections and it has not been plain sailing for the opposition given recent incidents.

What I do not understand is why join the MIC? This is a party which has been in power for the last 50 years but did absolutely nothing for the Indians in general.

Under the leadership of Samy Vellu, the standard of living of Indians just dropped to rock bottom and this power-hungry man who was in power for 27 years.

Well, just take a look at MIC, its members are mostly thugs and goons. The people in general will not be fooled by this manouevre.

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