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From Bangkok Thailand- “THE ONE SIDED VIOLENCE”

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on April 14, 2009

Below is a comment to our article ” Two dead as violent clashes rock Thai capital” by a reader which is pertinent so we have put it up as an article.


Please read it carefully to understand first hand what is happening in Thailand.


Thank You for your views “Bangkok Thailand”

Submitted on 2009/04/14 at 1:46pm

I’m writing from Bangkok – the capital of Thailand.

I’m not a press or working for any news/media organization.

I’m just a normal office worker in mid 30’s and share the same point of view with many ‘working class’ people in this country.

I want to make it clear that the recent incident dubbed by many international presses as ‘violence’ is actually the “one-sided violence”. It is the violence created by the Red-Shirt Protestors who at first, claimed that they rallied for the ‘true’ democracy; however, in less than a week, it was so clear to all Thai people that they are just merely a group of street gangsters threatening the security of the people.

Blocking the road, hi-jacking the gas-tank trolleys and parking them in front of the residential areas, hi-jacking the buses and using them to block many roads leading to hospitals, burning the tires, the ATM kiosks, the mosque, the cars, invading the residential lanes, etc. – all of these are nothing but the act of threatening other people’s right for basic peace & security in life.

Can the world believe that their goal for this act is for the ‘true’ democracy?

No matter how violent or chaotic threats they’ve given to the innocent people; the government still believes in ‘peaceful & merciful’ way to deal with them. With the support from the Police and the Army, every police and army soldier was commanded not to shoot the protestors. They only use the ‘paper bullets’ (as they used in practice) – if they aimed to the protestors, and if they shot upwards to the sky to scare the protestors– only when they use the real bullets. So I want to make it clear here that if you see the photo of the soldiers aiming the rifle to the protestors – that’s the paper bullets.

So far, there’re 2 deaths – and that’s innocent people shot dead by the Red-Shirt protestors right in front of their homes.

The Protestors claimed the death toll on their side, and that’s not true, there’s no death, just some minor injuries – this is because the government’s first priority is to protect the security of all Thais no matter what the colour of their shirts is.

And please bear in mind every time you report or hear the interview from the tyrant Thaksin Shinawatra – the coward man running away from this guilt. He has a dirty background and his money is dirty, that’s why he was denied the visa from the UK. He’s behind all the violence, he’s the prime root cause of all the problems, he’s the one who provokes the protestors to create the riot because he thinks that this will ‘reset’ everything and he can return to Thailand as innocent and reclaim the money – the money that he corrupted the whole nation while he’s in the Prime Minister office.

Thailand is still the same country you know, peaceful and happy; we just have one bad citizen – and our government and the Thai people are dealing with him. The end of this guy is soon.

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