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‘Let’s hope Dr M isn’t too desperate’

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on April 9, 2009

Mahathir may wish to be in the limelight again but he has to face the reality. It is a different world and he just has to accept the fact that he is no longer up there.’

On Mahathir wants to be ‘unofficial adviser’ to gov’t

Sayu Sayme: Mahathir has been away for a while. Pak Lah and the son-in-law have had their influence. And Najib would have his own group of people by now.

Mahathir may wish to be in the limelight again but he has to face the reality. It is a different world and he just has to accept the fact that he is no longer up there.

Whatever Mahathir may wish to achieve, whether for himself or his loved ones, let’s hope he is not too desperate.

Stop doing things like tagging the Chinese as racist. It will have negative effects and it also make him lose the people’s respect for him.

Stephen Doss: What I would like to make clear is that Mahathir has become a liability to Umno and BN.

I now once again plead with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to be wary of carrying baggage that will increasingly become heavier.

This would be the case if he were to continue to seek advise or allow direct or indirect interference from someone who is clearly a liability.

Just a few days ago, BN was confident of taking both Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang. What happened after this confident start?

It made the mistake of allowing Mahathir to visit and campaign in these two constituencies.

Why did the BN win handsomely in Batang Ai?

I cannot be sure except to say thank God, Mahathir did not campaign at Batang Ai. (The writer is president Persatuan Pemuda Negara Malaysia)

Ben Ong:
My advice to our new PM is to stay away from this so-called ‘potential advisor’. A new Malaysia needs new ideas and decisions.

To me Malaysia’s politics is always about power and corruption so please change it to responsibilities and quality services.

Respect stays with rakyat and money stays in the bank. Also, criticism is progress, complacency is doom and arrogance is downfall.

Jeffrey: Even a wayang kulit show has an ending. Now everyone knows that Najib is just a puppet. How can you be a prime minister if the former PM is the advisor?

Mahathir is like Samy Vellu now. Is this the culture we want for the younger generation? A prime minister that has no power to navigate this country?

He will always be spoon fed by this so-called advisor who only has few more years left to be our Bapa Kemodenan.

We just hope this wayang kulit will end soon.

KSN: What happened to the pop star appeal Muhyuddin was talking about? Of course, I am referring toTDM’s campaigning for Umno and BN.

If this man has no clue that he is not wanted anywhere anymore, then what are Najib and Muhyuddin talking about?

Keep him away if Najib knows what is good for him. But how is that possible when they must grateful for his contribution in sending Abdullah packing?

And this man has the audacity to publicly say that he wants to be the unofficial advisor to the PM.

Considering all that is in the public domain, Najib has more than enough of problems he can cope with. To add this ‘has been’ even unofficially to the government is simply disaster.

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