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Views : A Setback for BN in Bukit Selambau

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on April 5, 2009

Khoo Kay Peng

Straight Talk

Barring any serious mistake by PR, its candidate Manikumar is expected to register a slim victory in Bukit Selambau.

There are several reasons for my prediction:

1) The choice of Manikumar is a calculated move by Anwar to enhance his party’s candidate selection process. Many, including some Hindraf factional leaders, have criticized his choice. But Manikumar’s lack of political experience is actually a plus factor. Until now, his opponents have not being able to attack his personal credibility. Manikumar is both highly educated and successful in his career. On the other hand, BN’s Ganeson is not a new comer. He is an old hand and too closely linked to his unpopular party leader, Samy Vellu. UMNO did not appear to go all out for MIC there.

2) PR is displaying better team work than BN. This is acknowledged even by Khairy Jamaluddin, the newly minted UMNO Youth chief. BN’s desperation showed: MIC members who disrupted a PKR ceramah last night.

3) The past neglect of Bukit Selambau e.g. residents without electricity and clean water cannot be blamed on the young PR state government. Like Batang Ai, the BN will have to be fed a bitter lesson for ignoring regional development disparity by losing the by-elections. Hence, I would like to urge Malaysians in the two areas to send a clear message to the BN federal government for neglecting their basic socio-economic needs. Billions of ringgit spend on the corridor projects should have been used to close the development gap between rural-urban, east-west Malaysia, rich and poor provinces.

4) The mass defections from Kedah PPP to the opposition party is going to motivate PR and demoralised BN. Leading the defection was People’s Progressive Party (PPP) vice-president V Nagarajan, along with 11 of the party’s divisions in the state. The defections, which involved 62 branches in the state, meant that PPP lost almost its entire membership in Kedah. The defections will have at least 500 votes effect against BN.


I am encouraged by the growing stream of contributors to my legal defence fund. I assure you that this gesture of support will spur me to speak up without fear or favour. Concerned friends, e.g. Keong Leh, who have called to enquire about my well-being. You are most appreciated!



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