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Hospital: Neurosurgeon attended to pupil

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on April 5, 2009

>KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor carried out all tests on schoolboy Chan Qi Xian before his family decided to take him back home. Johor state health director Dr Mohd Khairi Yaacob said yesterday the Year Three pupil was rushed to the hospital from Segamat Hospital when doctors realised that he needed specialist treatment.

“A computed tomography scan of the brain was done and the doctors, who found his condition critical and his chances of survival slim, informed the parents who decided to take him home.”

Dr Khairi, who did not want to disclose details of the scan, said: “The doctors did their best and it’s not true that they did not do anything to save his life. A neurosurgeon also attended to him and performed all necessary tests. It was the boy’s family which decided to take him back home.”

Qi Xian died some 15 hours after being caned on the palms by a teacher of a school in Gemas about 12.30pm for failing to complete his homework.

After the caning, the boy complained of dizziness and collapsed.

School authorities rushed him to Segamat Hospital before he was transferred to Sultanah Aminah Hospital.

Meanwhile, two neurologists who did not wish to be named said they believed the boy could have died due to trauma to the brain.

A government hospital neurologist said there could have been several factors related to the boy’s sudden death.

“Reading newspaper reports, I believe the boy must have suffered a brain haemorrhage.”

She said aneurysms (weaknesses or bulges in blood vessels that are at risk of bursting) could be another cause of the boy’s death. “Uncontrolled seizures could also cause sudden death, besides cardiac arrest and arteriovenous malformations.”

A private hospital neurologist believes the boy could be a victim of asymptomatic arteriovenous malformation in the brain and that it could have been a congenital condition, or it might have occurred due to traumatic injury to the brain.

An arteriovenous malformation is a tangled cluster of vessels, typically located in the supratentorial part of the brain, in which arteries connect directly to veins without any intervening capillary bed.

“The parents probably did not know he had such a condition. Normally, the victim complains of headache, some suffer seizures and some lose consciousness. It can also cause sudden death.”

She said the boy collapsing after being caned could have been a coincidence.

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