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Independents Undressed-Bkt Selambau

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on April 4, 2009

While its a national history that 15 candidates are vying for the coveted Kedah state exco seat, many hipothesis had alluded to its phenomena.

Let’s look at the independent candidates and their background:

1)ANUAR B HAMID – An ex-Armed Forces major (retired), an UMNO member of Sungai Air Mendidih branch in Merbok division, frustrated with Umno after Dr. Mahathir left the party sulking. He was also responsible for closing down the Sungai Air Mendidih Umno’s Hall.

2)RADZI B LAZIM – Claimed to be ex-PKR division chief, its nonsense, he is now an UMNO member with several ex-PKR members including former Kedah youth chief, Zamil Ibrahim & ex-Merbok PKR chief, Mochtar Mansor.

3)KHAMIS B AWANG – An UMNO member of Sungai Layar branch in Sungai Petani.

4) ABD RAHIM B ABU – An UMNO member of Bukit Selambau, under the supervision of Pakjang Badri, former assemblyman of Bukit Selambau in the 1990’s.

5)HUSAINI YAACOB – Also an UMNO member , a businessman who owns 5 quarries in Singkir, Perlis, Bukit Perak, Sik & Juru. His firm owns an UMNO associated associated company, Kemelong.

6)FADZIL B ABD WAHAB – An ex-Army Officer who owns a cafe & kedai nasi kandar in Ambamgan Heights, Sg Lalang. He’s well known for his nickname “TokMisai”. He is also an UMNO samseng affiliate @ ‘Ayahanda’ Pekida.

7)TAN HOCH HUAT – A Gerakan member of Sungai Petani, a component of Barisan Nasional.

8)CHANDARAJAH A/L TANASEGARAN – A MIC member of Taman Ria Jaya, Sungai Petani. Also a businessman.

9) G SARALA A/P LOGNATHAN – An ex- Kedah People’s Progressive Party Wanita Chief.

10)VENASON A/L MICHELE – An ex-MIC member of Taman Ria Jaya.



13) JAYAGOPAL A/L ADAIL KALAM – An ex-PKR member who was suspended by PKR Pokok Sena Division.

So, for all too see, These candidates can lie about their so called secret association & UMNO Barisan National can parade the streets, But we will campaign hard to tell the truth again these pretender.

Defending people’s victory, Vote For Keadilan, Vote For Pakatan Rakyat !

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