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Views : What’s so great about Najib?

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on April 3, 2009



I refer to the letter Najib’s leadership offers a new dawn for nation.

The writer is entitled to his opinion and I am entitled to mine. Does he consider Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the group of political analysts and doomsday narrators since he has been giving his opinion on Najib Razak also?

Tun has been warning Najib and and talking about doom and gloom and negative things about the government, and if the former premier can be giving his opinions why can’t other Malaysians?

The reason why so many are negative comments about Najib is simply because many Malaysians do not think he is fit to be the prime minister and the list of scandals warrant the criticisms.

Never in the history of the country has a future prime minister been so tarnished. If there is gloom it is because Najib had brought it upon his head.

So whose fault is it? Why does he not answer the Altantuya allegations himself but let the police do all the dirty work for him?

Even in the forthcoming by-elections, the police are trying to shield the BN candidates and have banned talk about Altantuya saying the cases are in court. There are laws against sub judice it seems. So typical of these people.

Najib does not need anyone to defend him. We should be defending those who cannot defend themselves instead of those who are powerful.

What’s so great about Najib? If he did not have a prime minister father like Khairy Jamaluddin had a prime minister father-in-law, do you think he would anywhere?

If we want to boast about credentials, there are more qualified people than Najib. Look at Zaid Ibrahim for example. Many other towering Malays are more qualified and capable than Najib.

Everyone including the police are on Najib’s side. But who is there to speak out for the poor opposition?

So we try to balance the scales of justice and give justice a chance. That is why our views matter. Spare a thought for those in the opposition.

Some people don’t deserve to be prime minister and Najib is one of them. Take away his father’s reputation and his fancy suits and you have an ordinary bloke who went into politics early.

What has he achieved? Like Abdullah he will give more promises but don’t expect anything to help the rakyat.


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