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Views : The Final Triumph

Posted in Uncategorized by malaysiasms on April 2, 2009

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Even the final corona was Mahathir unwilling to offer to Pak Lah.

Pak Lah’s supporters were grossly disgruntled.

The highlight of the UMNO general assembly should have been to offer the final glory to outgoing president, according to party traditions–ostentatious laurels, standing ovation and non-stop applauses.

Whether such acts have been put up out of sheer sincerity, at least that is the Malay culture, which must be performed to the best possible degree.

And no matter how Pak Lah had been evaluated, he deserved such a gesture from party delegates.

But when the general assembly was approaching its climax, Mahathir made his face shown.

Didn’t he say he wouldn’t attend the general assembly because UMNO Youth had elected a new chief that showed it was in support of money politics, and that he didn’t want to be part of the dirty game?

He came.

He was absent during the opening ceremony, the debates and the dinner. He showed up just for the closing.

The focus of all delegates and TV cameras was instantly redirected to him.

He was given the loudest cheers and applauses.

Muhyiddin, Najib and Abdullah who made the concluding remarks had to make mention of his name, welcome him, and sing praises of him.

The brightest limelight fell on Mahathir, outshadowing Abdullah seated right in the middle.

Nevertheless, the outgoing prime minister showed his gentleman demeanour, taking the initiative to humbly greet this uninvited guest.

When Mahathir relinquished his presidency six years ago, he was accorded his deserved honours. And now he is back to steal more limelight.

Perhaps we could only say his arrival was such accurately timed.

Although many have said it was the great reconciliation, I didn’t smell any slightest hint of reconciliation at all.

Mahathir only wanted to prove one thing: in the past several years of struggle, he was still the final victor.

So he chose to walk up to the podium of victory at that very moment.

Why not? As he has wished, Pak Lah has retreated from the stage, and Mahathir has claimed the final triumph.

He went up to the stage, standing right between Najib and Pak Lah, as if he were the one to receive the grand award.

And yet he never announced whether he would return to UMNO.

Perhaps he wanted to see whether Najib’s Cabinet and supreme council lists would meet his expectations.

If Khairy appeared in Najib’s Cabinet list, I guess he would get mad once again, and would never return to UMNO. (By TAY TIAN YAN/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)

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